Ilisha Larsson

Ilisha Larsson joined the Camelot team in April of 2010 originally as the Facility Manager for Chelsea Group Home but was transferred to Barclay Group Home as their Facility Manager in June of that same year. She grew up in Bothell, Washington and has lived all over the Seattle area. She graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, WA in 2009 with a degree in Psychology. During her four years as an undergraduate, Ilisha worked for Spokane Mental Health’s First Call for Help crisis line. There she assisted people with community resources, suicide intervention and prevention, connecting people with mental health services, getting people respite care, and talking to people who do not have anyone else to turn to for advice and support. This job was not only challenging for her but also an eye opener to all of the people in the Spokane area who are in need of help and assistance.

Before moving to Spokane to attend college, Ilisha spent many years managing bakeries and cafes in the Seattle area. During this time she got very involved with volunteer work with organizations such as Rise N’ Shine, a non-profit organization for children who have HIV/AIDS or whose lives have been affected by the disease, and the Seattle Lifelong Aids Alliance. She helped with volunteer coordination, special events, and Meals on Wheels.

In her spare time Ilisha enjoys hanging out with her family, watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with her son Liam, doing the daily crossword puzzle with her husband, and sleeping. She hopes to have attended graduate school and have her master’s degree in either social work or mental health counseling before this gets updated again.

Ilisha was promoted to QIDP/Program Administrator in January 2013.  She currently serves that role for the Carlton & Chelsea Group Homes in Duvall.

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