Committees play an essential role in Camelot Society. We utilize committees to draw up new policies, discuss strategies, fundraising events, communications needs and human rights, to mention a few topics. Committees consist of a variety of staff, including Individual Support Counselors, Managers, Administrators and Board Members. Committees provide great opportunities for staff who want to make a difference. If you’re interested in joining a committee, please contact Associate Director Karen Adams.

Benefits Committee
This is an annual, staff only, committee that meets a few months prior to the agency health insurance renewal to review plan options and determine which plan best meets the agency’s needs.

Compensation, Membership & Personnel (CMP)
CMP is a monthly committee and is responsible for developing, reviewing and approving the agency personnel policies, managing board membership and oversight of agency personnel.

Finance Committee
Charged with oversight of agency finances, this committee meets monthly. The committee oversees budgets, spending/financial transactions, and other areas related to finance including refinancing, audit recommendations and financial policy.

Fundraising Committee
Directed by a chairperson, this committee includes the chairs from each of the fundraising sub-committees and the Events Coordinator. The subcommittees are as follows:

  • Auction Committee – Meets monthly (March-November) to plan the annual Auction which includes a silent and live auction, and much more.
  • Grants Committee – Meets as needed, generally every other month, to pursue grants that are applicable to the needs of Camelot Society.

Marketing Committee
This committee meets quarterly; is responsible for the agency website and for reviewing/approving all external communications (e.g. newspaper ads, flyers, etc.) and deals with other various communication needs.

Quality Assurance (QA)
The QA Committee is a board and staff committee that meets quarterly to review a variety of areas, such as safety, disaster preparation, risk management, internal controls and agency practices. This committee also reviews QA assessments completed by the staff, related to site practices, protocol and policy & procedure, as well as state regulations to which each site is held accountable.

Safety Committee
This staff only committee meets every month to ensure that each site is meeting Camelot’s Safety Program standards and expectations. The committee reviews safety equipment, practices and ensures each program has adequate safety supplies. This committee also plans and executes agency disaster drills. Finally, the committee reviews employee injury reports and other on-site safety concerns such as exposures.

Staff Advisory Council (SAC)
SAC is an organized group of non-supervisory personnel, compromised of Individual Support Counselors from all program sites. This group is in its infancy, and is working to develop a Mission Statement, as well as fine-tune council policy and practices. It meets quarterly to discuss employee issues, policy and variety of other ISC or agency-related matters. The council is

Staff Recognition Committee (SRC)
SRC is a staff committee that meets the second Tuesday of every month (April–December). This committee consists of team members from all levels. The committee plans events for staff and volunteer appreciation; including an annual Staff Appreciation Month. The committee also recognizes staff that go above and beyond as well as organizing other staff-involved activities throughout the year.