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Blood-borne Pathogens
2 hours – $35. Update – $15.
This training is intended to meet OSHA requirements for Blood-borne Pathogens and teach you how to protect yourself and others. By the end of BBP you will know what the Blood-borne Pathogens are as well as the symptoms and treatment for each one. In this class you will learn how to prevent exposure and safe workplace practices. Updates only are available but must be scheduled directly with the trainer.

Our Core Basic training includes learning proper nail care.

Core Basic Training
40 hours – $195. Skills Day (8 hours) – $45.
Core Basic Training is an enhanced version of Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving that teaches the Long-Term Care (LTC) worker the necessary skills and knowledge to provide basic care to a client safely and effectively. This course covers extensively, all aspects of caregiving, including an overview of disabilities, specifics related to various care components as well as skill practice.

The home care aide certification exam (both written and skills) tests only on the competencies and learning objectives covered in core basic training.

CPR/First Aid
CPR & First Aid (8 hours) – $65. CPR only (4 hours) – $40. First Aid only (4 hours) – $40.
(Child/Infant CPR is available)

CPR: This class will provide you with the skills to effectively deal with emergency situations that include when an individual stops breathing. You do not need to be familiar with medical or emergency information in order to take this class. Not only will there be verbal instruction but also hands-on practice for each individuals. If successful understanding of the material is demonstrated you will receive an American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) certification good for 2 years. We also offer infant/child CPR, upon request. Currently this class is not regularly offered.

First Aid: This class is centered on preparing you to react effectively and with the ability to provide first aid skills to those ill or injured. Not only will time be spent on gaining the skills to aid in an emergency but also to recognize emergencies and assess the situation. Upon demonstrating understanding of the material you will receive an American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) certification good for 2 years.

The CPR and First Aid classes can be taken individually or together.

Continued Education (CE) courses

Growing Older with a Developmental Disability
2 hours – $30.

Mandatory Reporting
2 hours – $30.

Oral Health
5 hours – $65.

Peer Coaching
2 days, 8hrs/2hrs – $75

Right Response
Elements (1 day) – $150. Elements+ (2 day) – $175. Advanced (2 day) – $200. Update – $125.

Other services offered

TB Testing
Offered weekly on Mondays, with follow-up check on Wednesdays.