What Camelot Means to Us – by Angus & Nancy MacDonald

Our son Craig moved into the Camelot Society’s Supported Living Program in 1999. Craig has Prader-Willi Syndrome.

We returned to Redmond, WA after a seven year absence in 1989 because we knew about Camelot. Craig was only eleven at that time but we knew he would need a special living situation in the future. This syndrome resulted in many restrictions being put on Craig’s daily life which also resulted in many restrictions being put on the lives of his family.

We wanted Craig to be in Camelot and started working towards that goal ten years before he actually was able to move into a Camelot Supporting Living home. The opportunity for Craig to move into the Camelot Supported Living Program (SL) came in the fall of 1998. A new house was rented and staff was hired. We, along with Craig’s roommate’s family, furnished the home.

Craig and his roommate moved into another home in the spring of 1999. He was 21 years old at the time of his move. A few months later a third roommate joined them. These three roommates all have Prader-Willi Syndrome and have been together for almost nine years. There were some trials over the years but Craig never regretted his move and we never regretted our decision to allow him to move. He loves his home, his roommates and his staff.

The residents in the SL program receive 24 hour supervision. Because of their syndrome the 24 hour supervision allows them to feel safe, be safe and enjoy as much independence as possible. They each have their own bedroom and share two bathrooms. The residents rent their house, pay all their own household bills, and support themselves. All three residents are employed.

Craig is involved in many activities and is always busy. Craig loves his life! He is on a Special Olympics’ Cross County Ski Team, belongs to a gym, bowls on a Special Olympics’ bowling team, belongs to a walking group, regularly attends Church, often goes on outings with his roommates, attends movies and loves to go out for coffee. He entertains in his home monthly by inviting friends to a dinner he plans and prepares with staff assistance. He attends dinners in the homes of other SL friends several times a month. He comes to visit us occasionally but usually has his social calendar too full to visit too often.

We are thrilled with Craig’s living situation. He is happy and cared for and we are free to enjoy our retirement. We work very closely with the Camelot staff to be sure Craig is receiving and enjoying the best possible care.. The Camelot staff is very responsive and is always available to talk to us, work with us and do whatever they can to make Craig’s residential care an ideal situation for all of us.

Angus and Nancy MacDonald

Camelot – by Craig MacDonald

As a client of Camelot, I like being in a Supported Living house with the help of 24 hr staff support that is always there for the clients. You can do lots of fun activities like going to movies, watching sports games and going for walks in the park and working out at the gym with the one on one support of your staff. You have programs you set up with staff that helps your needs. You can help make dinner and lunch with staff support. It is like living on you your own but having staff support. Camelot staff help you with your bills and groceries and drive you to your appointments. The staff look out for your health and safety. Staff is there for you when you feel sad or you need a friend to talk to when you are down. Staff always gives you privacy when you need to be by your self. All the staff is nice to you and your family.

Craig MacDonald

Craig is an individual who is served by Camelot Society’s Supported Living Program.