Karen Adams

Karen Adams joined the Camelot team in April of 2007 as a Qualified Mental Retardation Professional (now Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional)/Program Administrator.) Karen was promoted to Camelot’s Associate Director in January 2013. She graduated from Washington State University, receiving a degree in Sociology, with an emphasis on Human Relations. Karen worked as a Therapy Technician at a developmental disability agency in Idaho for 4 years while working towards her degree. After graduating, she was promoted within the company to a State Certified Developmental Specialist.

Karen left her previous company in Idaho in search of a greater challenge. She moved to Washington and became a part of the Camelot family; however she found something far greater than a challenge, the reward of seeing the growth of the individuals whose lives she has touched through the Camelot Society. She loves working with people with developmental disabilities and challenging them to meet their full potential. It is with this in mind and the sense of fulfillment from making a difference that cements her in this field. She enjoys the position she is now in and feels that she continues to learn and grow everyday. Karen is passionate about what she does and intends to stay in this field for years to come.

In her free time, Karen enjoys spending time with her son, exploring the beautiful Northwest, and volunteering with the GCDE Youth Leadership Forum.


Contact Karen at [email protected].